Mount Carmel School Hazaribagh | Affiliated to CISCE
MOUNT CARMEL SCHOOL HEARUNGANJ - JH134. Affiliated to Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)
Mount Carmel School, Hearunganj


1. The morning session begins with the assembly; students are expected to be present for the school assembly. Habitual late coming is unacceptable. The school gates close at the start of the School Assembly. Late comers are not normally allowed to enter the campus. Parents must ensure that their child is punctual.

2. Students arriving on school campus before the first bell have to go straight to their own class – room and are busy with the day's lessons, exercises or homework, in silence. They must not be seen outside their class-room or in the playgrounds.

3. Students shall be responsible for safe custody of their belongings. As a precautionary measure, it is suggested that they have their names inscribed on articles like tiffin carriers, umbrellas, school bags, shoes, belt

4. Students must speak English in the school premises.

5. All students must be clean and neatly dressed and come in the school uniform according to the season.

6. Students must be regular in attendance, punctual and diligent in their studies and assignments.

7. Care should be taken for all school property and students should not scratch or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or cause any damage to things belonging to others. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the principal. Students are expected to make good the damage done.

8. No books other than text books or library books, periodicals, magazines or papers may be brought to the school without the principal’s permission.

9. Students are not permitted to bring any portable electronic instruments such as mobile phones, music players; cameras etc. Such items in the possession of students will be confiscated.

10. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost. It is not advisable for students to bring valuable articles to school. Jewellery of any kind is not allowed in the school. All articles found in the school and not claimed shall be disposed of after one month.

11. Visitors are not allowed to interview the teachers in their respective classrooms during the teaching hours.

12. Parents are requested not to bring/send food or other articles to their children during the class hours or breaks. They may not be permitted to enter the campus for such purposes. Students will not be permitted to meet their parents or guardians at the gate during the breaks.

13. For safety reasons parents are requested not to send persons who are not introduced to the school before hand, to pick up their ward even in times of emergency. Parents must take care to bring ID cards when they come to pick up their ward. No student is permitted to leave the school without an ID card. Students who are going home alone should submit a permission letter, signed by father and mother in the office every year.

14. Parents are requested not to attempt to go to their child’s classroom. They should contact the school office and the student concerned may be called out if the reason given is judged to be serious enough.

15. Parents can meet the teachers only on the second Saturday for all the classes. Meeting with teachers is not allowed just the previous week of the examination.

16. The school reserves to itself the right to dismiss students whose diligence or progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory, whose contact is harmful to other students, or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards.

17. Private tuitions are discouraged, as it does not help the children to grow up intellectually. In any case, no student should avail private tuition from the teachers of Mount Carmel School.

18. Parents are requested to bring the fee book on result day.

19. No vehicles are allowed inside the school compound.

20. Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order of neatness in persons and dress and punctuality are required at all times.