The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of mankind as modelled in Jesus Christ.

The specific aim of the school is all round development of students which enables them to fulfil their noble role in life, whichever they may be placed. It also creates awareness in the students of the socio economic needs of the country, the less privileged in a spirit of sharing, the need for communal harmony and respect for the religion professed by every pupil. The course of instruction prepares the students for the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi (ICSE & ISC).

We the sisters of Mother of Carmel, inspired by the life and teaching of JESUS CHRIST stand for the intellectual, social, economic moral and spiritual advancement of people especially women and children through education. The school aims at the academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of mankind as modelled in Jesus Christ, who was an educator par excellence. Human excellence being the priority we strive hard to form the children into well integrated, mature, patriotic and socially committed human beings, who will work for profound social transformation.
Our mission is to facilitate human excellence in students by blending study and personality development with cultural, artistic, religious and social activities, in the well knitted yearly routine of Mount Carmel School. The prevailing environment of student friendly approach and personal care helps each pupil to discover and improve one’s inherent gifts, and developing one’s moral sensitivity and sense of God.

Dear parents, teachers, and students, I extend to you all a very warm welcome to Mount Carmel School Website.

In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” - Mother Teresa

In her quote, Mother Teresa very powerfully captures important wisdom about how to approach life and schooling to make it more fulfilling and significant. Teaching and learning offers us all numerous opportunities to focus on a number of “small things” that culminate over time to produce students who are prepared to do “great things” in life. . We believe that education is an effective medium of social transformation. We get encouragement, looking at bright and successful careers of our thousands of students, who subsequently benefit the society. We feel proud that we are part of such an institute, which is shaping the future citizens. Our school cares for the individual development of each and every student. We accord prime importance to the behavioral discipline, moral integrity and cognitive developments of our students. Our teachers strive to teach not only academic programmes but also life skills needed for students’ self development with highly resourceful faculty. I appreciate the dedication and the selfless service of the teachers of the past and the present and wish them all, best of fortune, peace and prosperity for their contribution to the noble task of spreading education and its manifest qualities, aims and objectives.

Our staffs fruitfully employ two diverse strategies that are of Love and Logic to foster a positive learning environment for all our students. Love and Logic may seem like two contrasting forces. While love helps nurture trusting relationships, where students feel respected, appreciated and loved by the teachers, logic helps develop in students personal responsibility, self control, good decision making skills self confidence, and character building with high moral values. Your child’s learning involves and revolves around an effective partnership between home & school. We know the stronger the partnership is the more your child will benefit.

As parents and teachers, it is our commitment to adopt ways and means to channelize the talents and energy of our students into creative community building. With this noble sense of purpose may I request all staff, parents and well wishers to join hands as we take Mount Carmel School to greater heights.